Wildlife Friendly Concrete Gravel Boards

Wildlife Friendly Concrete Gravel Boards

Posted on: April 13th 2022    •    Posted in: General News

Help hedgehogs and other wildlife move safely and freely in your customers gardens.

At Allen Concrete, we supply wildlife-friendly concrete gravel boards for responsible fencing projects in London, the South and the Midlands. Our hedgehog friendly panels sit easily under fencing panels, allowing hedgehogs and other wildlife to roam from garden to garden.

Why stock wildlife-friendly concrete gravel boards?

Building merchants and trade stockists now find that hedgehog-friendly gravel boards are increasingly in demand. Housing Associations are encouraging developers and builders to continually make improvements with responsible and ethical construction and development. Developers and builders, keen to differentiate and build their reputation, choose wildlife-friendly gravel boards to create pathways for wildlife, minimising the negative impact of increased fencing on local wildlife populations, particularly hedgehogs.

Developers of multiple properties are also driving the demand and are keen to provide access for wildlife by installing appropriate wildlife-friendly gravel boards. By using them they are helping to create a network of gardens, allowing hedgehogs to roam freely.


Allen Concrete supplies wildlife-friendly concrete gravel boards to building merchants and stockists.

These gravel boards are robust and practical, just like our standard gravel boards, but with a small ground-level hole for wildlife.

Technical specifications:

Length              1830 mm (6’)

Width               300 mm

Depth               60 mm

Unit weight       39 kgs

Pack quantity    25

Product code    30GTW

Use wildlife-friendly concrete gravel boards with our concrete fencing supplies.

The importance of wildlife-friendly concrete gravel boards

In Britain, the hedgehog population has markedly declined to the extent that they are now a vulnerable species. Since 2000, hedgehog numbers have dropped by 30-50%. Our spiky friends are struggling and need us to work together to help them.

The reasons for hedgehog decline are not yet fully understood. However, a sizeable problem is the lack of suitable habitat and habitat fragmentation. Hedgehogs got their name because they snuffled and scurried through hedgerows foraging for food. Indeed, those spiky little creatures can travel up to 2 miles on an average night and even further during mating season!

With extensive changes to land use and the explosion in property development, hedgehogs and other small native British wildlife find it hard to live as they should.

And we want to keep hedgehogs coming into our gardens. They eat pests such as slugs, and they are a much-loved part of our native landscape.

Hedgehog-friendly gravel boards are an easy solution

It is possible to preserve wildlife pathways by placing a wildlife-friendly gravel board on each side of a garden. Small native animals can confidently move across the neighbourhood at night via safe access routes. They can forage, find mates and explore areas for shelter and hibernation. By creating safe neighbourhood pathways, hedgehogs can avoid dangerous places like roads and pavements.

Modern fences are convenient and low maintenance alternatives to hedges. However, they come at a cost to wildlife. Developers can remedy this by choosing wildlife-friendly fencing options, such as our gravel boards with wildlife holes.

Why choose concrete hedgehog friendly gravel boards?

  • Prevent water ingress, insect damage and rot by separating the fence panel from the ground
  • Longer-lasting than wood gravel boards
  • High strength concrete with steel reinforcement
  • Increase the life and durability of the fence
  • Maintenance-free
  • Prevent damage from lawn-mowers, strimmers and ball games

Help our prickly pals by stocking hedgehog friendly concrete gravel boards. Available from Mitcham and Wellingborough for supply throughout London, the South and the Midlands.

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