Can you paint concrete fence posts?

How to make concrete fence posts part of your garden design

Posted on: August 16th 2022    •    Posted in: General News

Concrete fence posts are the most robust and durable option for a wide range of settings. They may be cost-effective and low maintenance, but some people believe they don’t look as good as wooden alternatives.

While you don’t have to treat concrete fence posts in the way you do with wood, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change the look of your posts to suit your style and improve the look.

Can you paint concrete fence posts?

Yes, you can paint your concrete fence posts to blend in to the garden environment. You can even paint them to match your wooden panels, bringing you the same look and the benefits of using concrete posts.

However, before you dash out with a paintbrush, read on to discover how to paint concrete fence posts successfully.

Painting concrete

Concrete seems easy to paint, but you need to paint it using suitable materials. Also, you need to paint it the right way and even on the right day, to ensure it stays looking good for as long as possible. Finally, concrete is very porous, so it can shed the paint if you don’t follow some basic rules.

So, what do you need to know?

  • Choose the right time: Painting concrete posts requires a little effort over a few days of the right weather, so keep your eye on the forecast and choose wisely. You need 2-3 days of dry, warm weather. It should be at least 8° C to allow the paint to cure correctly and avoid scorching days.
  • Clean things up: Prepare for painting by clearing vegetation away from the posts and cleaning the concrete posts, ideally with a pressure washer. Removing dust and dirt ensures the paint adheres effectively. Allow the posts to dry completely before painting.
  • Use a primer: Because concrete is porous, a primer will help the paint adhere to the post. Use an acrylic latex primer. We recommend two layers of primer, particularly if you are using coloured paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly before painting. If there are any cracks in the concrete, now is a good time to seal these to prevent future damage.
  • Get the right paint: Forgo standard fence paint and choose a paint designed for concrete that has good elasticity, such as acrylic latex paint. This allows it to flex in different temperatures. It is possible to match the paint to the shade you are using for the panels. Masonry paint is a good option for painting concrete.
  • Apply carefully: Take your time to apply the paint carefully. A roller can give the best effect and make it a more straightforward job. Allow it to dry thoroughly between coats.

Can I use fence paint on concrete fence posts?

In most cases, you should choose a different sort of paint, such as masonry paint, to last as long as possible. Some fence paints advertise use on concrete fence posts as well as wood. Be aware that you will get a longer-lasting and better finish from masonry paint.

Concrete fence posts can look great

As they last a long time concrete fence posts can discolour over time so painting them makes them look fresh and new. Painting your concrete fence posts will also ensure they reflect your style and make the fenced area vibrant, welcoming and pleasant to look at. Painted posts are also easier to keep clean.

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