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Concrete acoustic fencing provides a durable and cost-effective solution to noise reduction. For all our sizes and product drawings, please view our fencing technical specifications or call us on 020 8687 2222.

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What is precast concrete acoustic fencing?

Perfect for use near roads or railways, concrete acoustic fencing offers a long-term solution to noise reduction. Concrete panels are aesthetically pleasing, with the option to add an exposed aggregate finish to one or both faces to prevent graffiti.

Maintenance free and with a long life span, concrete acoustic fencing is a long standing solution in high noise areas.

When precast off site, the walls are easy to install, reducing disruption in high traffic areas, such as motorways.

Our fence heights range from 0.9m to 3.6m and are available in a range of finishes.

How does acoustic fencing work?

Concrete is well known for its sound absorbing qualities. Especially effective at softening airport and motorway traffic noise, the denser the concrete, the more noise that is stopped from passing through.

When combined with a highly reflective surface, which bounces sound back in the direction it came from, concrete fencing can stop a high percentage of noise.

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