Strained Wire Concrete Fence Posts

We have a selection of intermediate posts, straining posts and struts which are available for a wide range of fence heights and applications.

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What is a strained wire fence post?

Strained wire fence posts are pre-holed to accommodate and provide support to a length of galvanised steel wire.

Frequently used next to railway tracks and motorways, where large amounts of fencing are required, strained wire fencing also provides an excellent barrier to livestock, or in other commercial applications.

Strained wire concrete posts are available with a number of holes for multiple strands of wire, in thicknesses of 125mm – 300mm centres.

Precast concrete straining posts

Straining posts, or end posts, are used to take the strain of the wire, ensuring it does not sag following impact. These posts are found at the end of a fence, whenever there is a change of direction or ground level, or every 50 metres.

While intermediate concrete posts merely support the wire, straining posts take the strain. For this reason, it is recommended they be installed to a depth of at least 1 metre.

The use of struts with strained wire fencing

Concrete struts are used to support end, straining or corner fence posts. As the straining wire is required to go through these solid structures, our struts have a slotted middle section.

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