Bollards and Barrel Posts

Concrete bollards and barrel posts are a cost-effective method of protecting the public in pedestrianised areas. For all our sizes and product drawings, please view our fencing technical specifications or call us on 020 8687 2222.

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Why choose concrete bollards?

Providing security to pedestrian areas, precast concrete bollards are used to restrict vehicular access and even to deter ramraiders. Used in urban and rural situations, concrete bollards are easy to install, and provide a cost-effective solution to demarcation problems.

Known for their strength and durability, concrete bollards are commonly used to keep traffic and pedestrians separated. This can take the form of blocking no entry areas or dividing cycle lanes from pedestrian pathways.

Low maintenance, concrete bollards are available in a number of designs to blend in with the aesthetics of the surrounding area and are resistant to corrosion making them a long-lasting solution.

Root fixed and concreted into the ground – to a depth of 300mm (increased by the paving thickness in paved areas) – it is very hard to push over the bollard, providing excellent security.

What are concrete barrel posts?

Used to ensure the safety of pedestrians and crowds, concrete barrel posts have precast holes to hold one or two tubular steel rails.

This style of post and rail fencing has a number of uses, from demarcating vehicle boundaries to providing handrails on slopes or stairs. Tubular rails can be used in a variety of situations to protect the public.

Our barrel posts are available to various County Council specifications to suit one or two tubular steel rails.

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