How can concrete pier caps enhance the look of my property?

Posted on: May 30th 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Concrete pier caps have two main functions. One is to protect the pier or pillar of a wall from the effects of weathering. The other is to add decoration and enhance the aesthetics of a property. At Allen Concrete we cast a wide range of pier caps, copings and spheres to complete your wall.

Read on to find out how these embellishments can add to the beauty of your home.


What type of pier cap should I use?

Concrete pier caps are available in a range of styles. From pyramid pier caps to ornamental caps with spheres, pier caps can add distinction to any property.

Flat caps are the best choice for piers where some sort of decoration will be placed upon them. This could be an ornamental sphere or ball, or another cast decorative element such as pineapples or acorns. These will look particularly impressive at the start of driveways or paths that lead directly to the house. At Allen Concrete, we also produce combined spheres and bases, which are suitable for smaller pier sizes.

These flat pier caps can also look good on their own. Being cast with featured profiles, which provide decoration to the bottom half of the caps they can look distinguished.

Different colours can also add to the decorative effect. Choose from white or buff coloured wet cast concrete, with either a smooth face or a lightly textured acid etch finish. For units with a simple profile, an exposed aggregate finish could be an attractive option.

For lower walls, a pyramid top adds decoration, without the need for additional adornments. Available in a range of profiles, pyramid top pier caps can effortlessly enhance the look of your property.

Finally, for colourful gardens, or boundaries with ornate railings, we recommend a simple cap with few frills, to avoid distracting from these decorative elements.



Where to buy concrete pier caps?

Concrete pier caps are available from all major builders’ merchants, as well as directly from suppliers such as Allen Concrete. We cast all of our pier caps, copings and spheres at our manufacturing plants in Surrey and Northamptonshire. This means we can create custom caps and spheres to customers’ individual requirements, in addition to our standard range.

To get a bespoke pier cap quote, call us on 020 8687 2222.


Why choose precast concrete for pier caps?

Pier caps can be cast at home, using moulds, but for a uniform finish, which is guaranteed to stand the test of time, precast concrete pier caps are the only choice. Precast units are highly durable and can be easily installed on the job site, saving time and effort during construction.

To find out more about our range of pier caps and spheres, download our building tech specs, or speak to a member of our team on 020 8687 2222 (Surrey) or 01933 276848 (Northamptonshire).

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