Pit Stop Day

Our annual ‘pit stop’ day at Wellingborough

Posted on: August 22nd 2022    •    Posted in: Staff

We recently held our annual ‘pit stop’ day at Wellingborough where we took the opportunity to bring all the staff from both sites together to focus on health and safety, mental health and to update everyone on how well the business is performing. Putting aside the time for us to do this is so important as it’s our staff who make the difference and we want to ensure we operate in as safe a way as possible.

At lunch time we organised a barbecue which was then followed by some team building exercises to add a bit of fun to the day. Staff were split into teams and then took part in to three activities.

The first game involved building a secure container to hold and protect a raw egg dropped from about 3m with the aim being to keep the egg intact. Most teams succeeded with some very creative solutions some of which included parachutes!

Following on from the success of the Lionesses the next exercise involved guiding a blindfolded team member to control a football over a course with a toy water pistol.

The teams then spilt into two with some members throwing water filled balloons over a high wall of pallets, and some members catching them. The aim was to catch as many balloons without them bursting. The winning team managed an amazing 28 out 30 by shouting instructions to each other over the wall – great team work from everyone involved!

Lastly, each member had the opportunity to score more team points by throwing wet sponges at the management team who were sat on chairs at varying distances with each attracting points for direct hits! Our thanks go to John Parker (Operations Manager), Ross Nivison (Commercial Manager), Paul Simpson (Group Operations Director) and Mark Swift (Allen Concrete General Manager) for acting as the targets for the day. We don’t understand why but this proved to be a highly popular game and was great fun, even for those who came away extremely wet!

In summary it was a great day of learning, reflection, team building and fun!

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